Plan for Awesome: Permission to celebrate, enjoy and love life.

My birthday is the one day of the year when I give my self full permission to do exactly what I want to do.

Every birthday is different, but the choice is the same. The choice is to celebrate life. Every year I plan on being in one of my most favorite places in the world, the Northwoods. As I drive up North, gratitude begins to wash over me. Gratitude for family and friends who love me, and gratitude for my life, and everything I have been through -- including the good, the bad and the ugly. I have been given so much good, and so many opportunities to learn and grow as a human being. 

Waking up in the Northwoods I enjoy the feeling of being warm in bed, slowly sipping coffee, taking in the beauty of the surrounding green trees, the sound of the lake water lapping against the rocky shore, and the wide-open blue sky. And Alfie! Alfie the Wonder Dog, who I love, is always with me.

I make my way to the pier to do yoga. If I’m lucky I am visited by a loon or two, a bald eagle, dragonflies, and even curious fishing folks on the lake. I come into the present moment fully and being present is a gift. The meaning of yoga is conscious union with what is minus the distraction of thoughts, opinions, and conditioning. Tall order? Being immersed in nature is an easy way to plug into the present moment and experience clarity and depth. Experiencing your inherent Awesomeness is a choice.

Plan something everyday to honor YOU! What makes you feel at peace, rejuvenated, and honored? Having the feeling of Awesome is very similar to being in savasana or deep relaxation. It helps to follow guidance, or steps to soften tension, and let go of what you don’t need. Releasing what you don’t need can feel a bit like the layers of an onion softening and falling away. When what you release what you don’t need you can experience what’s left! You are Awesome. Make the time to experience your Inherent Awesomeness every single day.

As I celebrate my birthday, I would like to break with tradition. As I make a wish and in anticipation of sending that wish out in the Universe, I would like to invite you to make a wish for your life. On this beautiful day, and everyday, I wish you peace, love, and joy.

Xo + Love,