You Time

It is SUPER easy to become overwhelmed, overworked, overexcited, and over-just-about-everything.  What is the answer to being overwhelmed by life?  Be bold and take time for your self. 

Ever wonder how to take time for YOU?  We all laughed when we heard the words of Dr. Leo Marvin in the movie What About Bob?, “Take a vacation from your problems.”  But what if you could actually take a mental break?

Photo by Tom Merton/OJO Images / Getty Images

Take a vacation from your problems on a Freedom Yoga and Meditation Retreat!  Your retreat may be for a weekend, or even a week!  Your retreat will include daily Yoga and meditation classes, healthy and delicious food, massage, nature walks, quiet time, and good quality rest.  You will have the time to take care of YOUR needs as they arise.  Your You Time is all about the exquisite feeling of being deeply calm, and inspired -- by YOU!

Freedom Yoga is all about life-affirming self-empowerment.  One of the main ideas to realize here is to TRUST YOURSELF. Feel the inherent Awesomeness you are made of.  You will do less and enjoy more.  You will think less and feel more.  You will discover the essence of Yoga is all about tuning into your current experience as it unfolds, without resistance and with a willingness to release what you do not need. 

Imagine zero distraction, refreshing insight, and revitalized zest for your personal goals. Enjoy traditional and exploratory yoga techniques that reduce stress and anxiety, and increase clarity and calm.  Throughout your retreat you can observe the habits that are working for you, and notice which habits are getting in the way of your optimal experience.  Emphasize and enjoy what works for you.  The key to joyful Yoga is to be present with your breath and your body, and to orient from your awareness.

Yoga, Meditation, and going on a Retreat can help to clarify the big picture of your life.  Experience Yoga as a lifestyle and learn a variety of ways to incorporate Yoga into your daily life.  You will experience greater comfort and ease throughout your mind and your body that will surely extend into your life back at home. Enjoy the feeling of peace and being in love with your life.

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