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Feel the Gratitude: energize & restore

  • TanaYoga Studio 408 5th Street Peru, IL 61354 United States (map)

Throughout your yoga practice, you’ve most likely heard your teacher explain the importance (and benefits) of cultivating gratitude. Being grateful can help you open the door to more relationships, increase your energy, sleep better, improve self-esteem and boost your mental strength. Gratefulness doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So how can you become more grateful? By choosing to be, and consciously practicing it.

Gratefulness can be cultivated by appreciating the good of any situation. Join me for a special workshop designed to help you count your blessings, savor the good in your life and truly feel grateful for the people and the community that surround you - that is TanaYoga Studio.

Discover freedom and balance in your body and in your life. In this class you will find empowerment by consciously connecting to the ground and through opening your hips, pelvis, shoulders and spine to relieve the tension that our body accumulates and can hold on to. Learn how to orient from awareness and experience loving kindness toward yourself and others. Through the exploration of twisting, you will enjoy the inner fluidity of your spine and discover deep release that comes with spinal twists. Together we will explore innovative pose variations, essential alignment details, breathing techniques, and you may experience spontaneous joy and increased luminosity.

Cost: TBD