Freedom Yoga in Millennium Park: The DVD

There is a certain magic to Chicago on Saturday mornings in the summer: the sun rising magnificently over the lake, the city sleepy and still before the tourists begin to bustle around downtown. For the past few years, I’ve had the honor of teaching yoga in the heart of this world-class city, in the famous Millennium Park. This free event allows everyone to enjoy the immense benefits of yoga. There is a sacredness to this practice: Rising early. Rolling out your yoga mat in the green dewy grass. Taking in the fresh early morning air and feeling the crispness of the new day. Sensing into the wide-open expanse of the park and the bright blue sky above. Joining together with fellow Chicagoans in contemplative movement. Breathing together. Stretching, strengthening, discovering balance and even maybe a new friend. Exhilaration and excitement give way to centered calm. I can feel it now! It was because of my parents’ encouragement that I recently realized my dream of creating Freedom Yoga in Millennium Park as a DVD so all could enjoy this special practice year-round.

Three guided classes show real people doing yoga. Each person is so wonderfully unique and each yogi is free to experience and express the truth of who they are in that moment.

Also available for instant download via Vimeo!

To rent online or download the DVD (by hour-long practice), please visit the links below:


"...feel the sun shining down on you as you flow through sun salutations..." - The Daily Downward Dog