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The Joy of Yoga & The Art of Living (East)

  • The Portland Yoga Project 332 Forest Ave, Unit D Portland, ME 04101 United States (map)

Do What You Love

Celebrate your love of Yoga and life! Join me in Portland, Maine for an immersive weekend of Yoga designed to help you connect deeper with the most important person in your life - YOU! Registration is open for individual sessions or the entire weekend. Select the classes that fit best with your schedule. Receive a 10% discount when you sign up for all 4! Use one of the registration links below or visit for more information.

Friday May 3, 2019 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm | $50

Coming Home to You

Unwind from the rigors of daily life with restorative and gentle yoga, essential breath work, and meditation. This asana practice is designed to draw you effortlessly into a deep relaxation, so you can experience your natural state of peace. Become your own best friend by being present with yourself, the sensations throughout your body, and the feeling of being totally supported. Enjoy the feeling of you and exercise loving-kindness and indiscriminate curiosity. You will also learn basic meditation and simple breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and increase clarity and calm. Rediscover your body as your home and your most comfortable place to be.

Saturday May 4, 2019 | 9:45am - 12:15pm | $55

Yoga for Increased Energy

Start your day with a yoga practice designed to increase energy and focus in your body and mind. Through an intelligent and thoughtful sequence, you’ll develop the skills necessary to experience joy and happiness in balancing postures, backbending and inversions. Watch your clarity and energy increase as you explore essential alignment, breathing techniques and customized pose variations. Balance is not simply holding or fixing yourself in a static position but allowing your awareness to expand outward from your center, radiating throughout your whole body. Discover your balance between grounding and enlightening, doing and undoing, relaxing and energizing, and centering and expanding. Each posture has many variations, and may be modified for students of all levels. Feel empowered and trust yourself to do what is best for you and your body – always. Essential elements of this practice include careful preparation and sequencing, exploring the stages of each posture, as well as enjoying your breath. Backbending and inversions are so much fun, please join me!

Saturday May 4, 2019 | 5:00pm - 7:00pm | $50

Refresh + Restore

Take your restorative yoga practice to the next level by going deeper into a state of relaxation and calm. Many people think of relaxing as a few minutes of quiet or sleep, but it’s possible to use your yoga practice to help you experience a deeper sense of peace. Through a gentle asana practice, essential breath worth and meditation, you’ll bring balance to your nervous system allowing you to reach the most enjoyable aspects of a still yet present life. This session is designed to melt away anxieties and provide you with tools that you can use regularly to take care of yourself and help you live your best, most enjoyable life. Get good at slowing down and enjoy the ride.

Sunday May 5, 2019 | 9:45am - 12:15pm | $55

Create Comfort + Ease in Your Daily Life

Discover freedom and empowerment by consciously connecting with the ground, and opening your hips, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. Our bodies can accumulate tension and stress. Together we will bring awareness, tenderness, and an active curiosity to the hips, shoulders, and spine revealing a sense of spaciousness that is truly enlightening! Through the exploration of twisting, you will enjoy the inner fluidity of your spine and discover the deep release that comes with spinal twist. Be ready for innovative pose variations, the experience of spontaneous joy, and increased luminosity.

Register using one of the links below. The 10% discount is automatically applied if you register for all 4 classes - for a total of $189.