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The Joy of Yoga & The Art of Living (Midwest)

  • Kalamazoo, MI United States (map)

Do What You Love

Celebrate your love of Yoga and life! The major benefit of Yoga is the deepening awareness of one’s self. Become your best friend through exercising loving-kindness and curiosity, patience and gentle persistence. Yoga can inspire our life, and life can inspire our Yoga. You will learn to experience greater freedom in your body in the postures, while emphasizing the power of your breath, the strength of your grounded body, and a wonderful increase in energy. Harness the skills necessary to discover freedom in your Yoga and life! Feel revitalized, spacious and expansive. It is Alie’s intent for you to experience your natural state of peace. Come and enjoy yourself and your Yoga!

Morning class:

Discover Comfort and Ease in Your Daily Life

Rediscover balance in your body. Assess postural habits and learn how to come back to your center. Experience balance by grounding and enlightening, doing and undoing, relaxing and energizing, and centering and expanding. This special class is specifically designed for those who wish to honor and open and strengthen the hips and shoulders, and experience being centered. You will explore how to detect and release unconscious holding patterns throughout your shoulders and hips. Together we will bring awareness, tenderness, and an active curiosity to the hips and shoulders, and the whole body, revealing a sense of spaciousness that is truly enlightening! Be ready for innovative pose variations, the experience of spontaneous joy, and increased luminosity.

Afternoon class:

Coming Home to You

Unwind from the rigors of daily life with restorative and gentle Yoga, breath work, and meditation. In this class you will explore the chakras, nadis, and visualization. The meaning of the word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word “wheel”, and may be experienced as an energy center in the body. You will become attuned to the location of the chakras and the effects of opening and moving your energy within your body. In the Yogic tradition, nadis are known as currents of energy. As you immerse in the physical postures and release stress and tensions, you will sense an inner fluidity within your body. Nadis can be experienced as streams of energy. When you draw your attention to the interior landscape of you, there is an opportunity to enlighten and be sensitive to these natural pranic streams. This Yoga practice is designed to draw you into a deep relaxation – effortlessly – while offering you an opportunity to experience your natural state of peace.

Cost: $75 for non-members of Michigan Yoga Association

Membership fees: $30 individual, $25 student or senior, $45 family.

Registration will be available on the Michigan Yoga Association’s website starting January 1, 2019. If you have any questions or problems registering, please email Cathy at