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New Year's Yoga Celebration: Yoga for Increased Energy, Grounding and Meaningful Intention

Yoga for Increased Energy, Grounding and Meaningful Intention: 
Explore Intelligent Backbending + Inversions + Modifications will be offered

Saturday Jan 7, 2017

Do what you love in the New Year! Celebrate your love of Yoga! In this class you will learn the basics of meditation and simple breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and increase clarity and calm. The truth is meditation and asana go together hand in hand. This will be a very fun class where you will discover the balance between grounding and enlightening, centering and expanding, and relaxing and energizing. Harness the skills necessary to experience joy and happiness in balancing postures, backbending and inversions. Watch your clarity and energy increase as you explore meditation, essential alignment details, breathing techniques, and innovative pose variations. It is Alie’s intent to offer you an opportunity to experience your natural state of peace and to be present with your intentions + wishes for your life in 2017.