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The Joy of Yoga + the Art of Living

  • Morton Community Center 222 N Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906 (map)

Celebrate your love of yoga and life!  The major benefit of yoga is the deepening awareness of one’s Self.  Find yourself becoming your own best friend by exercising loving-kindness, curiosity, patience and gentle persistence.  Initiates and seasoned yogis alike are welcome to come to these special workshops to experience the beautiful relationship between yoga and life: Yoga can inspire your life, and life can inspire your yoga!  You will learn how to lean in to trusting yourself and become skilled at dumping doubt.  You will learn how to experience greater freedom in the postures, while emphasizing the power of your breath, the strength of your grounded body, and a wonderful increase in energy.  Harness the skills necessary to discover freedom in your yoga and life and be ready to feel revitalized, spacious and expansive.   It is Alie’s intent for you to experience your natural state of peace.  Come and enjoy your Self and your yoga!


Chakras, Shoulders and Hips: 9:30-11:30am: $35

This special class is specifically designed for those who wish to honor, open and strengthen the hips and shoulders and explore the chakra system. The meaning of the word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word “wheel,” and may be experienced as an energy center in the body.  In this workshop, you will explore how to detect and release unconscious holding patterns throughout your body, with a focus on your shoulders and hips. You will become attuned to the location of the chakras and the effects of opening and moving your energy within your body. Develop the skills to achieve greater energetic freedom and enjoy an increase in clarity, flexibility, strength and energy.


Potluck 11:30-1pm


Balance and Inversions: 1-3:30pm: $40

Balance is not simply holding or fixing yourself in a static position but allowing your awareness to expand from your center outward through your whole body.  In Alie’s class you will discover a balance between grounding and enlightening, doing and undoing, relaxing and energizing, and centering and expanding.  Together we will establish balance in the standing postures, and then we will explore the invigorating and empowering effect of hand balancing and inversions. It’s so fun turning upside-down!  Plus there are so many different ways of doing inversions that learning your options becomes another source of empowerment.  In this class Alie will incorporate meditation, joy, creative sequencing and innovative pose variations, while emphasizing the rhythm of the breath as a way of bringing the poses to life.  Alie’s intent is to offer a fun, stretchy class wherein you experience your natural state of peace.

Reserve your spot by calling the Morton Community Center.