Opening to Joy: Freedom Yoga under the Big Sky

Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana

July 7-14, 2018

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Ground. Energize. Relax. Have Fun!

Join Alie under the Big Sky of Helena, Montana, for this special retreat at the renowned Feathered Pipe Ranch.  Cultivate a healthy balance between grounding and enlightening, doing and undoing, relaxing and energizing, and centering and expanding. Freedom Yoga practice takes on a uniquely sweet twist while you’re surrounded by fresh Rocky mountain air and held safely in the naturally grounding space of aromatic pines and warm welcoming earth. Because we host only one group in residence at a time, this is a unique and powerful opportunity to connect more intimately with your fellow yogis and foster a loving, trusting community as you practice together.

Alie’s morning and afternoon classes offer a thoughtful blend of restorative and active postures, essential breath work, and a variety of simple meditation practices, all of which will help you to come home to yourself and develop the skills you need to thrive while maintaining equanimity. Inspired by years of study with beloved master teacher Erich Schiffmann — who, for 20 years before beginning his teaching sabbatical in 2016 led his enormously popular Freedom Yoga retreats at Feathered Pipe — each daily yoga session with Alie will include space for you to explore Freedom Yoga’s signature “freeform” practice: it’s about tuning into, and being gently guided by, your own innate intelligence and inspiration. Freeform practice often fosters a flow of profound insight — which might translate into a unique asana sequence or a moment of spiritual or psychological clarity: it’s often helpful to memorialize this channeled wisdom in writing, so please bring a journal to record the teachings emanating from within!

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Ample free time between classes offers opportunity for deep reflection during hikes in the forested mountains, while paddling a canoe on the tranquil lake, or taking advantage of the gifted body workers available during your stay. You may want to simply relax in a hammock and do absolutely nothing!  It’s tempting at the Ranch to put all your digital devices away and take a break from the barrage of digital responsibilities and ever-present media. You’ll dine three times a day on nourishing meals that our guests consistently rate “excellent” (and for good reason!)

The symbol of the Native American feathered pipe aligns seamlessly to the practice of “Freedom Yoga”: legend holds that when the tribe needed Spirit’s guidance on what direction to take, a feathered pipe was hung from a tripod. Once the pipe came to stillness it pointed the way towards the right path. Join Alie as she nurtures the beautiful practice that is Freedom Yoga and find your way back to the truth of who you really are.